VRA soldiers employ a Tigerclaw Howitzer against the city of Bagrasa during the Vivactan Campaigns.

The 189mm Tigerclaw Howitzer was an infamous howitzer artillery system used extensively throughout the galaxy, especially the Terminus Systems by Private Military Companies, mercenaries, paramilitary groups, and Terminus System armies.

Made by a Chinese arms company in 2148 CE. The Tigerclaw Howitzer fired a light 189mm explosive shell. While such a shell was mainly useless to large scale militaries which it was made for, but was easily a weapon of mass destruction on a small-scale mercenary engagement threatre or in Terminus System against urban threats where it could be used to level buildings, destroy entrenched sniper positions, and other fortified locations.

Over eighteen hundred thousand of the artillery systems were created between 2148 CE and 2156 CE. However the massive costs of such production and lack of buyers sent the Tigerclaw's producers into bankruptcy. This forced the manufacturer to illegally sell their weaponry and munitions to mercenary and criminal groups all over the galaxy where within a few years it became an incredibly common sight in the Terminus Systems.

Attributed to killing over thirteen million between it's illegal sales in 2157 CE and 2187 CE, the Tigerclaw was an infamous symbol throughout the galaxy and in it's hayday multiple Tigerclaw Howitzers could be found in the possession of most major mercenary groups, paramilitary groups, private military companies, and dozens of armies under the command of Terminus System dictators.

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