The following events took place in 1967 CE, or Common Era.


  • The "Space Race" between the United States and the Soviet Union grinds to a halt as both nations experience growing pains.
    • On January 27, three astronauts die in a fire aboard the Apollo 1. The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical spark in the cabin's pure oxygen atmosphere. This accident delays further launches in the Apollo program for nearly two years.
    • On April 24, cosmonaut Vladimer Komarov is killed when his craft, the Soyuz 1, loses power, forcing Komarov to make an emergency re-entry. During re-entry, the craft's landing parachutes fail, and Komarov dies in the resulting impact. Blame is placed on the Communist Party leaders, who had ordered the Soyuz 1 to be launched prematurely so that it could coincide with the anniversary of Lenin's birthday. As a result, further launches in the Soyuz program are delayed for eighteen months.

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