The following events took place in 2125 CE, or Common Era.


  • The Citadel discovers Parnack, the homeworld of the yahg, and sends ambassadors to begin diplomatic ties. The yahg turn out to be vicious predators, however, and after deciding that the ambassadors are not worthy of them, the massive beasts tear them apart. As a result, the Council decides not to sent any further ambassadors, cutting off the yahg from the galactic community. One yahg is smuggled off-world and delivered to the Shadow Broker, who trains the creature to serve as his enforcer. The Shadow Broker underestimates the creatrure's intelligence, however, and is killed. The unnamed yahg takes over the Shadow Broker's organization and runs it for the next sixty years.


  • births
  • births


  • deaths
  • deaths

2124 CE - 2125 CE - 2126 CE

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