The following events took place in 2174 CE, or Common Era.


  • A plane crash on Mindoir kills 72 passengers and 4 crew members. The only survivors were 2 human children, Gwendolyn Diomedes and Hisao Nakai.
  • Unable to support Gwen's terminal condition, she was shipped to the Citadel on a medical transport which got ambushed and stolen by Cerberus, believing they had info about specific medical equipment they needed that was on the transport. However, it was replaced with the patient right before departure.
  • A C-sec detective is put on the case of finding the medical transport, during his investigation he got side-tracked into finding the girl in the transport instead.
  • Knowing how grave Gwen's condition was, she was declared legally dead at the end of the year and the detective stopped his search. No one knew she was still alive, except for Cerberus.


  • births
  • births


2173 CE - 2174 CE - 2175 CE

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