The following events took place in 2176 CE, or Common Era.


  • Batarian pirates attack the human colony on Elysium in a battle that is later called the Skyllian Blitz. Thanks to the intervention of the Alliance Navy, the attacks fail.
  • Rebellion breaks out on Anhur, a planet colonized by both humans and batarians, after local human politicians abolish the minimum wage in an attempt to improve the ability of local human-owned businesses to compete with their batarian counterparts, inadverdently re-legalizing slavery. After the batarian faction called Na'hesit attempts to violently quell the rebellion, abolitionist forces begin hiring Eclipse mercenaries, and the violence soon engulfs the whole Amun System.
  • Michael Moser Lang, a political dissident with ties to the terrorist group Cerberus, assassinates United North American States president Enrigue Aguiler and Chinese People's Federation premier Ying Xiong. The ensuing political turmoil enables Cerberus to move some of its people into the Systems Alliance Parliament.
  • The Jon Grissom Academy, home of the Alliance's Ascension Project, is constructed in orbit above Elysium.
  • Josue Doblar enlists with the Alliance military.


  • births
  • births


  • Enrique Aguiler
  • Ying Xiong

2175 CE - 2176 CE - 2177 CE

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