The following events took place in 2177 CE, or Common Era.


  • The Systems Alliance outpost on Akuze goes silent. A team is sent to investigate, and gets attacked by thresher maws. During the ensuing violence, the organization called Cerberus kidnaps Cpl. Toombs and subjects him to various experiments, causing irreparable damage to his mental stability.
  • The Systems Alliance sends a team to the barren world of Marile to investigate what appears to be a batarian smuggling base. The base turns out to be a trap, however, and the team is ambushed by Cerberus operatives, who attempt to capture the soldiers in order to force them all to become moles for the organization. Of the two-dozen soldiers in the Alliance team, the only survivor is Cpl. Justine Marsters, who is tortured until she agrees to become a Cerberus mole.


  • births
  • births


2176 CE - 2177 CE - 2178 CE

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