The following events took place in 2181 CE.


  • The Esan Liberation Front, a radical asari-nationalist group, stages a protest on Lorek against the planet's ongoing occupation by the Batarian Hegemony. The situation quickly turns violent, requiring intervention by the Eclipse mercenary organization.
  • Lt. James Skinner is charged with war crimes after launching a missile at a batarian civilian area on Lorek. Though he pleads guilty, he claims that batarian forces had captured him and he had only launched the missile to prevent recaptured. He also demands that charges be filed against the Hegemony, and against a human scientist, Jim Fletcher, who he claims tortured him during his captivity. Though Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon corroborates his claims of being held in captivity, no evidence can be produced that Fletcher exists, and Skinner is sentenced to a mental facility. While in transit aboard the SSV Uzice, Skinner sets off a focused electro-magnetic pulse, breaks out of his cell, and takes control of the ship. The crew is later found in a space station with minor injuries.
  • Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon is given command of the SSV Belgrade, taking over for retired Capt. Arthur Yates.


  • births
  • births


2180 CE - 2181 CE - 2182 CE

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