This article is about 2182 CE. You may be looking for 2182 CE (BT).

The following events took place in 2182 CE, or Common Era.


  • Admiral Kahoku of the Systems Alliance Navy begins investigating the mysterious organization called Cerberus.
  • An excavation team on Cailloux stumbles across the remains of a human settlement, Fairland, now populated by dozens of disturbingly lifelike figures.
  • In the wake of an aggressive campaign launched by the Nairida Corporation, the Asari Republics finally lift the sanctions placed on Imeria in 1276 CE.
  • Admiral Drescher, commanding officer of the Alliance Second Fleet and a hero of the First Contact War, retires and Vice Admiral Benincasa is appointed as Drescher's replacement as commander of the Second Fleet.
  • Katzbalger Squad is formed.
  • Start of the Systems Alliance-Collectors War.


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  • births


2181 CE - 2182 CE - 2183 CE

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