The following events took place in 83 CE, or Common Era.


  • Telia Millangada becomes a councilor.
  • The Dezba are massacred, in a major event that would be remembered for centuries.
  • Halak Marr frames an assassination on himself by the Manaba, and stores what remains of the Dezba on Tuchanka.
  • A team of mercenaries under the command of Adaria destroy the Manaban holy site known as the Tomb of the Virtuous.
  • The Manaban Emperor Derimakshan, and the Batarian ambassador, Ka'so Hensa, are assassinated by Tyrin Lieph in the Manaban Emperor's palace.
  • Distraught over the death of their leaders, the destruction of their holy sites, and the occupation of their homeworld, Ragnora, by the Rachni, the Manaban species commits mass suicide with only forty percent of the population surviving.
  • Tyrin Lieph and Halak Marr reach a compromise, leading to the further stability of the Council's alliance with the Krogan.
  • Tyrin Lieph begins his Dezban Restoration efforts.
  • Tikrog Bragan forms the Krogan Resistance Movement.


  • births
  • births


82 CE - 83 CE - 84 CE

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