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61 BCE

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Chronological and political information

The Council Era (83 CE)


Soldiers of Salvation


Adaria was an asari mercenary, and personal friend to Councilor Tyrin Lieph and Tikrog Bragan.


She was born on the asari colony Rudima in the year 61 BCE. She lived a mostly dull life on the colony. When she was not being educated, she gave herself biotic training, growing to become the most powerful biotic of her lifetime. When Tyrin arrived on the colony in 49 CE, Adaria found her opportunity to reach better things in life.

She, her sisters, and Tyrin grew to be friends while he served as security for their mother. When he left two years later, he took her and her sisters with him. They were able to join an asari commando tribe much larger than the one they served in on Rudima. After serving as commandos for 15 years, the sisters decided to become a freelance mercenary crew, calling themselves "Tyrin's Trio" until they first allowed others to join in 73 CE. Three years before they allowed another to join the crew, Tyrin contacted them and got them to pledge their allegiance to the Soldiers of Salvation. They were some of the first members.

For a hundred years or two after the conflict they had with the manaba died down, the sisters broke up, with Vivia and Ajiya leaving the crew to rejoin the commandos and Adaria fully dedicating herself to serving as a Soldier of Salvation, founding the asari chapter of the agency (the Sisterhood of Salvation).


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