“If someone knows what you want, you've already lost.”

Aegohr Ebran Delwa Sisko Lei Brael
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Aegohr Ebran Delwa Sisko Lei Brael, also known as Brael Lei, was a salarian biotic and information broker.


Born on the salarian colony world of Aegohr to two STG operatives, Aegohr Ebran Delwa Sisko Lei Brael grew up in a world of intrigue. When he reached the age of 17, his parents died. they left behind a small fortune that Brael was able to gain by manipulating his siblings. Using the money to set up a business as an information broker on Omega, Brael was able to live with a sizable income. By age 23, he had become one of the major information brokers on Omega.

Talents & AbilitiesEdit

Brael Lei was one of the few salarian biotics alive, and he often used Throw and Warp to defend himself whenever the time he needed to protect himself. Besides his moderate biotic talents, Brael also owned a prototype weapon he was given by one of his parent`s fellow STG operatives, the Enigma 37 shotgun. The Enigma was short compared to most shotguns, reducing the amount of ammo it could hold, but made up for it by being equipped with a scope and its quick reload time.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Brael is the first salarian biotic on this wiki. This character is made by SalarianScientist7.

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