Aldor Sedulos
Biographical information


Date of birth

2154 CE

Date of death

2185 CE

Physical description






Chronological and political information

Eclipse; formerly C-Sec


Captain Aldor Sedulos was a mercenary who had formerly served in C-Sec before becoming a tactician and street enforcer for Eclipse.

Born in 2154 CE, on the human colony of Altock he was smart, strong, and had a great knowledge of the law. It was no surprise when he joined C-Sec in 2178 CE and rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a lieutenant commander in four years. Responsible for over sixteen dozen arrests and five murders, he was hired in 2182 CE Eclipse, who used him as a tactician. His devotion to the law soon became usurped by his newfound love of money, and he organized attacks that made Eclipse very successful.

In 2185 CE, he organized and led the shooting of the Ten Crowns Bar, which struck a major blow to the Blue Suns and earned him a promotion to the rank of Captain. Among the victims was Emily Dulios, the daughter of Jacob Dulios, the Suns' commander on Illium.

Seeking revenge, Dulios set a trap for Sedulos. He set up a false weapons deal, and Sedulos was lured in and killed along with eighteen other Eclipse soldiers. Sedulos was avenged two weeks later by the salarian assassin, Olta Varr who had been in the shooting and had killed Emily personally.

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