The Alkalino are a race of bipedal insectoids native to the planet Tuyuta most famous for writing a coded message that was discovered by a team of asari linguists.


Originating from the blazeing low gravity world of Tuyuta the Alkalino proved to be very adaptive and resiliant to the blistering conditions a Krogan would die from. Little is know between their entry into the bronze age and up to when their empire was formed except an acient race visited them and increased their technolgical advances by 6000 years.


The Alkalino are tall and slender with an averge adult male as tall as 8m and weighing 4st. Alkalino have 6 legs and 4 arms and red scaly skin with a thick metallic exoskeleton. They have 4 mandibles covered by thousands of razor sharp teeth and a massive tail with a sharp foreshap at the end.



Advancements in TechnologyEdit

The Alkalino entered their space age in 92 million BC. Their first fleet of ships consisted of 80 battleships and 5 captured ships. Their fleet allowed them to obtain an empire spanning 180 planets. In 2189 they had a fleet of 9000 ships.


The ReapersEdit


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