Allen Duck
Biographical information


Date of birth

2131 CE

Date of death

2168 CE

Physical description








Chronological and political information

Alliance Navy


Major Allen Duck was an Alliance soldier and bartender who was born on Mars and fought in the First Contact War as a fighter pilot.


Born on Mars in 2131 CE, Duck always loved planes and flight. He pursued a degree in aviation and joined the Alliance at age twenty-two. He rose through the ranks and became a major on Shanxi, driving a fighter in four years.

When the First Contact War started, Duck participated in a daring attack run on a turian artillery battery that was bombarding Weeping Meadow University, a holdout and civilian evacuation site. After destroying the battery he was shot down in turian-controlled territory. With only a shotgun, he held out in the cockpit of his destroyed fighter for fifteen hours, unable to move due to a broken leg.

He was retrieved by a rescue team that dared to venture outside the University led by future Rear Admiral Timothy Dagon. However, the damage to his leg proved to be inoperable, and after the siege he was discharged due to injury.

Now without a job, he returned to Mars and became a bartender. He worked as a bartender for eleven years before he was killed during a robbery by a local gang member named Dylan Low.

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