In order to give soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines a more comfortable tour of duty and to allow them to stay informed of galactic events, the Systems Alliance Military runs and maintains a strictly informational news network covering galactic events daily. The news offered to members of the armed forces is presented through televised broadcast, extranet, and omni tool mesages if requested.

Every day an informative article, with no partisan opinions is published via extranet, news terminals in Systems Alliance Vessels, or sent to the omni tools of operatives while volunteer admirals serve three hour televised broadcast shifts to maintain a twenty four hour news service for soldiers with available time. The following is a compilation of daily news stories published in January 2185 CE to members of the Alliance starting on January the eigth.

January 2185Edit

1/8/2185 - "MSV Hermes' Judgement Missing"Edit

The Systems Alliance Navy has officialy declared today the MSV Hermes' Judgement, a Kowloon-Class freighter missing in the Attican Traverse. The Hermes' Judgement was last seen two weeks ago departing the eezo-rich mining colony of Caleston, and was scheduled to arrive on Noveria four days ago. The Herme's Judgement, owned by Johnson & Myers Shipyards, was carrying exactly thirteen-thousand pounds and around four million credits worth of element zero to Noveria for "classified engine testing and development", according to an official press release from Johnson & Myers. The Hermes' Judgement had a light escort of a dozen mercenaries in the controversial Blue Suns Mercenary Group, and while the Alliance has not ruled out foul play on their behalf, the Blue Suns have stated that the possibility of their own operatives hijacking the vessel is "a ridiculous notion whose odds are about the same that 'Reapers' and 'Collectors' exist." has offered support in the investigation of the freighter's location, which the cruiser SSV Portugal is allegedly investigating with haste.

1/9/2185 - "Box Office comes in big money and big controversy"Edit

With the arrival of the weekend, trillions of people all over the galaxy flocked to theatres to see multiple giant releases, with a combined 19.2 billion credits raised on the opening day of Entertainment Galactic's three most anticipated films of the last four years. The biggest winner, which also generated a large amount of controversy to match, was the war-horror film "Devils from the Void". Under production for the last six years, the movie takes place during humanity's first encounter with an outside race, which resulted in a short war over the colony of Shanxi. Despite raking in six billion credits, the movie was condemned by the Turian Hierarchy and multiple other organizations for its "inaccurate and demonizing portrayal of turians". The film, rated to be appropriate for adult-only audiences, shows turian soldiers murdering civilians, killing prisoners, and engaging in several horrific acts including tying a pregnant mother to a stake disembowling her and gouging out her eyes, turians raping and killing a young teenage girl, and a turian soldier eating a human civilian who was unable to move due to a broken leg. The Citadel Council condemned the movie and its sponsor, the Terra Firma party for producing what they called a "blood soaked and racist horror fest with the intent to demonize the turian race with inaccurate information." When asked for a response, the Terra Firma party declined to comment.

1/10/2185 - "Council honors famed turian shock trooper with Spectre status"Edit

Today the Citadel Council honored legendary turian shock trooper, Shalav Omnass with the title of Spectre today at around noon on the Presidium. Omnass is a mythic shock trooper with over thirty years of service in the turian armed forces. Omnass has earned the turian Nova Cluster medal, the highest honor awarded by the turian military, four times and has recieved the STG Silver Dagger once, making him one of the most decorated soldiers in the turian military. Omnass reportedly has over a hundred confirmed kills and has fought in conflicts dating back to what humans call the First Contact War. With an unaminous vote for elevation to Spectre by the council, Omnass is the first turian to become a Spectre in two years due to what some have called racism over giving turians Spectre status in the aftermath of the rogue turian Spectre, Saren and his attack on the Citadel. Omnass was very grateful and has stated to Alliance News that he "looks forward to having the chance to not only be able to serve the turian people as I have in the past, but to be able to serve all species and people and work for further peace and stability in our galaxy."

1/11/2185 - "Alliance M35 Mako tank hits landmine, on Earth?"Edit

As odd as it sounds, Alliance officials have confirmed today that a M35 Mako tank was hit and destroyed by a landmine on humanity's homeworld of Earth. The vehicle was stationed in the country of Afghanistan and had a crew of four when it was en route to its new posting, the frigate SSV Hiroshima. During the sixteen-mile trip, it struck a high-power anti-vehicle landmine. The crewmembers, Warrant officer Hunter Dames, Corporal Joseph Morgan, Sergeant Edward Morris, and Staff Sergeant Andrew 'Saint' Green were all killed instantly. Officials have also confirmed the mine was not actually placed where it was recently and the blast marks strongly resemble those of Russian anti-tank mines laid by Taliban soldiers in the early 21st century during the insurrection against the United States.

1/12/2185 - "Terra Firma official gunned down on the Citadel"Edit

At around six o'clock today on the Moonab Tar ward of the Citadel, Terra Firma official and sponsor James Dedorack was shot three times in the chest by a turian veteran of the Relay 314 Incident, also reffered to as the First Contact War by humans. Mr. Dedorack was a wealthy pro-human sympathizer who had generated much controversy over his political views. He most recently came under attack in the press for his involvement in the highly-rated and controversial war-horror film, "Devils from the Void", which he had fully funded and helped write. Many critics say that despite being an excellent and four star film, the movie demonizes turians and in more detail their soldiers, who are portrayed as torturing savages, in the film even going as far to dine on human flesh. The killer, identified as Greck Samor, shot Dedorack with an illegally-modified and deadly military version of the Alliance-made M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol. Samor claimed that he shot Dedorack for his "arrogant and racist views" and "for disrespecting the turian military in a demonic way." After killing Dedorack in a local cafe, Samor surrendered to C-Sec without resistance and has claimed that he "did what was right." and that Dedorack "was just a racist bastard who had it coming to him." Somar is expected to face trial for murder in April.

1/13/2185 - "Memorial service for Terra Firma supporter announced"Edit

Primary officials of the Terra Firma political party have confirned that a memorial service will be held on the 20th in honor of James Dedorack, a Terra Firma sponsor who was gunned down yesterday by Greck Samor, a turian veteran of the First Contact War. Relatives of the turian gave their condolences for those related to the victim, but gave support to Greck, for "respectfully surrendering to C-Sec, and standing by his own principles, even when faced with criminal charges." These events have occurred in the wake of the release of the film "Devils from the Void", which has been praised for its dramatic quality but panned for its racist portrayal of turians and their military as savages and eaters of sapient flesh. The film's director, Mina Metsahe, has stated, "The film was merely our own interpretation of the events at Shanxi. I for one had no intention of insulting the turian people whatsoever. The actions of individuals should not reflect the mindset of their people as a whole." She has also said that she is looking forward to the Academy's voting on this year's nominations, which will be in two weeks. "I would be grateful for the Academy to recognize my efforts in making this film, and if I win, I would personally thank the veterans of both races for their sacrifices."

1/14/2185 - "Krogan clan holds varren fighting tournament on Citadel to much protest"Edit

The krogan culture is often perceived as revolving around violence and bloodshed and such a statement could not have been proven to be more correct today when the powerful krogan clan Halak brought today to the Citadel the "Galactic" Varren Fighting Championship also known as the GVFC. Paying millions of credits to host the bloody spectacle on the Presidium and to broadcast the fighting on multiple extranet and galactic news channels. The two Varren to fight tomorrow known as "Marr" and "Kurvok" have both been fighting for over a decade and have both racked up according to the Halak Clan over one hundred and sixty wins each. Over sixteen billion credits have been bet already on this fight and the expected turnout is well over twenty thousand with less than two percent to be non-krogan. In response to the fight, which will be held in front of the statue of a krogan battlemaster on the Presidium, over seventeen animal rights group have protested the fight on multiple planets with demonstraters numbering over nine million combined. The Halak Clan has refused to cancel the fight, which asari animal rights demonstrator Diama G'Comi has called "A violent and savage show where two innocent varren are starved for weeks and then pit against each other for the entertainment of sick deranged people." Alliance Daily News reporter, Ned Steamer managed to secure an interview with one of Clan Halak's top captains, Halak Jade who when asked if the Halak Clan would cancel the fight, responded by saying, "So do you have a mike or what? Is that an Alliance emblem? You motherfucker I'll wring your neck. Come back here!" Alliance daily news would like to wish mister Steamer a speedy recovery in response to his broken spine as the situation continues to intensify over this controversial fight.

1/15/2185 - "Animal rights activist sacrifices her life to stop controversial varren fight"Edit

At the stroke of midnight today, with screams for bloodshed from krogan audiences and calls for a stop to violence from protesters and activists, the galaxy's two best fighting varren known as "Marr" and "Kurvok" were released from their cages into a makeshift varren fighting ring on the Presidium. The animals were competing for the title of best fighting varren in the galaxy, and had not been fed for around five weeks to ensure their viciousness. The decision of Krogan Clan Halak to host the controversial championship has drawn activists for animal rights from all over the galaxy to protest the fight, getting no response from the krogan organizers. As the two varren were released into the ring, a young sixteen-year-old human girl who has been described as a life-long animal rights activist rushed through the crowd, jumping into the ring to stop the varren from devouring each other. The girl, Gabby Tadelkos, was quickly incapacitated and eaten by the two varren, who were soon removed from the ring by krogan Blood Pack guards. The guards then threw the girl's body into the Presidium Reservoir, and are now in custody for corpse abuse. Despite the girl's death, only ten minutes after the tragic death a spokesman for the Halak Clan confirmed that the fight would still take place, but is being rescheduled for Thursday, something being seen as "spitting in the face of people not wishing to see death for entertainment" by the Daniel Sawyer End to Animal Abuse Foundation, the animal-rights group to which Ms. Tadelkos belonged.

1/16/2185 - "Drug addict opens Omega's first rehabilitation clinic"Edit

In an act many praised today, ex-Alliance N7 Commando and former red-sand addict, Sergeant Danny Weathers opened Omega's first drug addict rehabilitation clinic with a goal of helping red sand addicts on Omega break their dependency for the drug for no charge. Weathers was the only survivor of an ambush on the colony of Mindoir around fifteen years ago when batarian slavers strapped a grenade to a child and sent the youth out to meet his group. The child was killed and the survivors of the blast were fired upon by heavy weapons. Weathers managed to survive but not without post-traumatic stress syndrome and survivor's guilt. He shortly resigned and turned to Omega where he became an addict to forget the pains of his memories. After spending thousands on drugs, Mr. Weathers managed to quit and started helping others do the same. He has started the charity group, "Healing Sands" devoted to helping addicts of all drugs cure their habits and he is very excited to be able to extend his operations to a more broad radius from his new clinic with his four step plan to ending drug addiction. In the first day alone over two hundred people have flocked to the clinic where he and a team of doctors work on aiding addicts and recieve complementary protection from the Blue Suns Mercenary group out of what one spokesperson called "respect for the good Mr. Weathers is doing." When interviewed by Alliance Daily News Mr. Weathers said that "taking drugs is no game and being addicted is a terrible thing. I've been there and it's a terrible ordeal, but when the addiction is gone it feels great. And if I can help others end their addiction then I will. No questions asked."

1/17/2185 - "MSV Hermes' Judgement found"Edit

Today the Systems Alliance Fifth Fleet announced that the merchant vessel, the MSV Hermes' Judgement has been found by Alliance Marines with the aid of Blue Suns Mercenaries. The vessel went missing with a large shipment of element zero around nine days ago, when it was long overdue to arrive on Noveria. The Alliance announced today that the vessel, its crew, and its twelve-man Blue Suns Mercenary escort have been found with no survivors. The ship was found adrift in the Camaldi Asteroid Belt near Noveria with multiple hull breaches that appeared to be from geth warships. Inside the hull all the crew and security detail were found dead, along with six dead geth soldiers. The Judgement's cargo, consisting of thirteen-thousand pounds of element zero, is missing, and so far both Alliance and Blue Suns believe that geth forces somehow intercepted the vessel in a deadly ambush and pirated its cargo. Both parties have stated that further investigation will not be neccessary and have given sympathy for the families of the crew and security detail lost in the ambush.

1/18/2185 - "Batarian dreadnaught detected outside Hegemony Space"Edit

In a move that has many worried and both the turian and human militaries preparing for possible war, the batarian dreadnaught, Khar'Shan's Glory has been detected on the outskirts of turian-controlled Citadel Space. Ever since the Batarian Hegemony left Citadel Space in protest in the 2160s, the Hegemony has not sent any military forces outside of its controlled space. Within twenty minutes of the dreadnaught's detection, turian forces aided by the Alliance frigate SSV Marathon scrambled to intercept and hail the vessel, which retreated back into Hegemony space. While the Hegemony has refused to respond to Council requests for an explanation, the Alliance and Turian Armed Forces have moved a combined seventy-two warships near Hegemony space and are on standby for invasion, according to Admiral Rudolph Price of the Alliance Fifth Fleet, who also added that "the Hegemony has not sent anybody out of its territory in around twenty years. And the fact that now they send a dreadnaught makes us all worried. We all hope that this won't escalate but to the Hegemony, if you send more warships out and engage we will respond."

1/19/2185 - "Glaring inaccuracy in 'Demons of the Void is recognized"Edit

Critics of the Terra Firma film "Demons from the Void" have recently began to point out that the turian soldiers in the film, portrayed as consuming the flesh of humans killed in the battle for Shanxi, are unable to do so because they are dextro-protein, which is incompatible with human's levo-protein bodies. The irony in this is that the Terra Firma party consistently uses the fact that turians and humans are not biologically compatible as a defense of their discriminatory beliefs.

1/20/2185 - "Horrific suicide bombing at Dedorack's memorial service"Edit

At only 14 minutes into the three-hour memorial service for James Dedorack, a human and staunch Terra Firma supporter, an unidentified turian suddenly triggered a massive explosion that killed 116 of the 700 or so that attended the service. It has been determined by explosives specialists that the turian had rigged his armor with an extremely powerful bomb and detonation system. The bomber's relation to the extremist group Palaven's Paladins has been confirmed; despite the radicals' use of his image in their propaganda, Greck, the turian that killed Dedorack on the 12th, has consistently denied any connection to the fringe group. In the wake of this monumental tragedy, the Tyrinian party has been accused of providing funding to the extremists. Despite their claim that they have no ties to the perpetrators of this atrocity, the Tyrinians have temporarily withdrawn their 164th proposal to the Council for a memorial in the honor of Tyrin Lieph, whose political ideals are the foundation of the party's own. Terra Firma has not yet released at statement on the bombing.

1/21/2185 - "Krogans postpone varren fight again"Edit

In the wake of the tragic suicide bombing yesterday that killed 115 innocent bystanders as well as the bomber himself, Clan Halak has indefinitely postponed the fight until the bodies of the several krogan that were killed in the explosion are laid to rest. Clan captain Halak Jade was quoted by an undercover journalist (his body has yet to be recovered) as stating "We must give respect to our dead by allowing their burial to precede the fight. This is one of the last honorary traditions that remain practiced, and I for one would like for it to survive the test of time." In the mean time, the krogans intend to rile up their beasts as much as possible in anticipation of the fight. In other news, several extranet pundits that questioned the krogans' uncharacteristic sensitivity in the matter have recently disappeared.

1/22/2185 - "Batarian dissident escapes assassination attempt"Edit

Dr. Grivak Tarks, the outspoken defector from the Batarian Hegemony and author of the best-selling autobiography Four Eyes Opened, became the target of another assassination attempt last night. Tarks was returning to his hotel room on the Citadel, where he has been meeting with his publisher and literary agent, when a sniper opened fire, firing sixteen shots. No one was harmed. This marks the third time someone has attempted to kill Tarks; in 2182, Martin Camden, a human survivor of the 2170 batarian raids, attempted to bomb Tarks' residence on Cailloux, but was apprehended when the bomb failed to detonate, and in 2183, batarian soldier Makash Dran attacked Tarks with a knife, but killed himself after a nearby security guard shot him in the leg, allowing Tarks to escape. The identity and motives of last night's shooter are currently unknown.

February 2185Edit

2/4/2185 - "Varren fight finally goes underway"Edit

Following yesterday's burial of the krogan victims that were killed in the suicide bombing at James Dedorack's funeral service, the Halak clan has finally announced that the varren fight they have been anxiously waiting will finally occur one week from today, on February 12th. This fight has endured numerous challenges, including the animal-rights protesters that hounded them, the one who threw herself into the ring to prevent the fight, and most recently, the delay that was decided upon after the suicide bombing.

2/11/2185 - "Krogans finally have their fight"Edit

The varren known as Kurvok came out on top today at the battle for top varren-fighter in the galaxy. The duel went on for a grueling two hours before Kurvok finally obtained the upper hand, and sliced Marr's throat cleanly with its fangs. With this controversial fight finally put to rest, the Halak clan has confirmed that they will be departing on the fifteenth and return to the Krogan DMZ, putting the frantic minds of animal-rights groups at ease after approximately four weeks of conflict with the krogan clan. All nine animal-rights groups related to the protests against the fight have sadly stated that they can simply clean the spilt blood now. Membership of said groups had a sharp decline in recruits following the initial arrival of the clan, but it doesn't appear as if there will be another escalation in membership any time soon.

2/16/2185 - "A Jones Review: A Midsummer's Day"Edit

Written by Wedge Jones

Note: The following is a mature article and not intended for those not mature enough to read it. Wedge has warned you.

The first of many satirical movies by the newly created Illios Inc. movie company, A Midsummer's Day is a satire about, unlike the original A Midsummer's Night Dream, by William Shakespeare, human poet in the 1500s, which focuses on the marriage of the Duke of Athens, along with the estranged group of human students, A Midsummer's Day is about a strange group of college students, one a Quarian, one a Turian, a Human, and a Hanar, who all go to the academy on a fictional planet known as Flerum. While the plot may not be that good, for anyone wishing to get a good, sick laugh, this movie is it. To sum it up, it has to do with prostitution, Hanar tentacle-porn, and love squares. Not triangles, squares. The Quarian wishes to date the Turian, who is in love, mysteriously, with the drunken Human, who has an obsession to taking Hanar pictures that should never have been seen on camera. A Midsummer's Day is rated for adults and up, and is NOT recommended for anyone not wishing to leave with arousement, or mental scarring.

2/22/2185 - "The Mysterious Archangel"Edit

Written by Sev Andeshan

The streets of Omega, and Omega itself, have always been terrible places. Crime and drugs polluting the dimly lit city. But if one knows how to hold a weapon, you can survive. The recent appearance of a mercenary, known only as Archangel, and identified as a turian, has stirred things up. The Blood Pack, Eclipse, and Blue Sun mercenaries have all claimed to encounter the "nuisance known as Archangel". We recently interviewed a former member of the Eclipse mercenaries, incapacitated by Archangel during what appeared to be a heist to stop a shipment of eezo to the Citadel. The Eclipse mercenary has requested to keep his identity hidden, but an interview has been posted on the Alliance extranet site. Just type in allianceextn.ens.ctd/newsnet.interview4306.htl. As of now, Omega's de facto ruler, the asari known as Aria T'Loak, has claimed that Archangel has been bad business for Omega, though Aria remains completely neutral on the subject. Reports say that though Archangel has been a blight on Omega society, the strain to the citizens of Omega caused by the three mercenary groups has been lighter as they have focused their attention on tracking down and killing the turian assassin. This also marks the first time in six decades that any major mercenary groups have worked together.

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