The classic Skull and Crossbones or "Jolly Roger" emblem of the EODC, something most operatives painted their own custom variant of on their armor.

Keep it Clean.
—Motto of the Alliance Explosives Ordnance Disposal Corps.

The Alliance Explosive Ordnance Disposal Corps was a group of select marines who had proven themselves above the rank and file soldier in intelligence and explosive knowledge who served as Explosive Ordnance Disposal or EOD experts in battlefield, police, or security situations. EODC operators were normally attached to different units in the Systems Alliance Navy and Marine Corps and usually numbered at least one operator per platoon. Using the Mark 38 Explosive Ordance Disposal Powered Ballistics Armor which was lighter and more agile than conventional large and cumbersome EOD suits but still offered large explosive protection to guard operators. The EODC proved successful and by 2182 CE had over nineteen thousand operators and was used in basic military service to security service for ambassadors and other VIP personnel considered to be in risk of assassination.


The EODC had it's genesis in the Kenyan-Congo Wars when guerrila warfare fighters sent by both nations were infiltrating countries allied with their rival and the rival country itself and launching civilian bombing and terror campaigns. With explosives being set off in Kenya, Congo, France, America, China, Mongolia, India, and Spain with thirteen thousand civilian deaths in the war's first year the fledgling Alliance decided that a large corps of explosive experts who could quickly respond to bomb threats was needed.
38 Armor

An operative in Mark-38 Armor. Note the Skull and Crossbones on his armor.

With this need the EODC was formed in only a week on July 21st 2117 CE with full policies and planning written effectively and quickly to save more lives as bombers continued to attack anyone who chose sides.


Operators who met qualification were trained at the Alliance Academy of Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Holland. There they were taught for three weeks how to properly operate their armor and given advanced EOD training which included simulating with stun weapons an exercise that involved breaching a mock two story motel in a mock urban zone and eliminating all terrorist bombers, find and rescue all hostages, and find and disarm an actually live ship mounted warhead.

In addition troopers were trained in handling explosive weaponry such as grenade launchers, rocket and missile launchers, arming and detonating explosives, and handling artillery weapons.

Once full training was passed then soldiers were returned to their old units or sent to new ones to serve as disposal troopers.

Operational HistoryEdit

While due to their nature the EODC did not have much unique history but served a large role in most military units and performed many heroic feats while serving with other units. This made the EODC one of the most decorated units in the Alliance and a gave them a lasting legacy.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The motto "Keep it Clean" used by the EODC which refers to saving civilian lives and thus "Keeping it Clean" when it comes to bomb threats is an obivious reference to the Super Intendent, the AI program that ran New Mombassa in Halo 3: ODST.

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