Mark 14 Shotgun
The Alliance Mark 14 Tactical Shotgun was an eight guage, semi automatic, with a twelve round drum magazine developed for useage in the Alliance Military and various police departments in 2165 CE. The weapon fired eight gauge sharpened buckshot and could be adjusted to fire fully automatic, allowing a user to empty their magazine in less than four seconds.

First sold to the Alliance Strategic Artillery and Howitzer Weaponry Corps for use on their artillery security teams, the Mark 14 proved popular enough to spread to all branches of the Alliance military and later various police departments.

Lacking any kind of stock, the Mark 14 was usually hip fired quickly in closer ranges. This made long range accuracy impossible, but made the user a close range powerhouse. Later rubber buckshot was made for the shotgun and it became a popular riot control weapon in most police forces, where conventional buckshot was saved for SWAT forces.

Retired in 2188 CE, the Mark 14 proved to be a reliable shotgun to most, with jams rare and infrequent, it was able to be slung over the back of most soldiers, allowing users to have it as a suitable backup weapon. And while it had a maximum effective range of only twenty five yards, it's high power shells could easily dispatch an armored target, making it one of the Alliance's most effective close range weapons.

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