Artillery and Howitzer insignia
If they run...well they won't even get far enough to die tired.
—Motto of the Alliance Strategic Artillery and Howitzer Weaponry Corps.

The Alliance Strategic Artillery and Howitzer Weaponry Corps also known as the AHWC was a branch of the Alliance Military that worked closely with the EODC and specialized in the use and deployment of artillery and howitzer weaponry to battlefields. Founded in 2100 CE by Alliance Marine Corps General David Howard, the AHWC was one of the Alliance's longest lived groups serving for around one hundred years, earning it respect and honor among the Alliance Military, humanity, and later the Citadel Council.


The AHWC was formed in the long and bloody Chinese Civil War in 2100, where capitalist rebels funded by the United Nations and European Union launched an uprising on the communist government. Fighting spread to nine countries, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Tibet, Indonesia, some parts of northern Russia, and some rather small skirmishes on the coast of Japan. Using artillery pieces, provided by the United States that were positioned in the northern mountains of Vietnam to shell Chinese occupied settlements. This plan aided the rebels but fell short when helicopter raids eliminated a large amount of rebels who had knowledge in operating artillery pieces, thus crippling the rebel's artillery campaign and weakening their stronghold in Vietnam.

Though first founded as the United States Army Strategic Artillery and Howitzer Corps, in 2100, The corps first goal was to be able to establish a large corps of artillery specialists who could aid and train rebels in using their heavy weaponry.

Secretly the corps began training vietnamese resistance and chinese rebels in using artillery and at some points operated the artillery personally. This set of actions was kept secret until the United Chinese Capitalist Party took control and the corps went public.

Once public many more soldiers were recruited in and it's number near quadrupled. When the Alliance was formed in 2150 CE the AHWC was inducted into the newly formed Alliance Military.

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