Armand Roget
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2181 CE

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Chronological and political information

Armand Roget was a freeelance information broker who operated primarily out of large ports like Nos Astra and the Citadel's Zakeria Ward. A skilled hacker, he specialized in obtaining classified Alliance military records, and this brought him to the attention of Lt. James Skinner, who had been the victims of experiments by an Alliance scientist, Dr. Jim Fletcher, who had since disappeared. Skinner wanted Roget's help to determine the doctor's whereabouts, and soon became one of Roget's primary clients. At some point during this relationship, one of Roget's other clients, the Matriarch Eumenia, learned about Skinner and his search for Dr. Fletcher, and became interested in using him for her own ends. She acquired the remains of Fletcher's last known ship, the MSV Dunsinane and restored it to working order, then paid Roget an exorbitant sum to land it on the planet Zak'kon. She then paid Roget to tell Skinner that the ship had landed with Fletcher on board, thus giving Skinner a strong motivation to go there. Of course, Roget wanted more money for all the trouble he went to, and this proved to be his undoing; after he threatened to expose the Matriarch's plans, she killed him, using her biotic abilities to tear him in half.

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