“Gurnat, learn something from this. In Omega, you either step on people, or get stepped on, stab someone, or get stabbed. You can't trust anyone.”

Aro'Zakkir vas Lorian was born 6.23.2155 CE. He lived aboard the Migrant Fleet before leaving for his pilgrimage when he was 20. He returned to the Flotilla five years later with a full freighter. After being made Second Lieutenant, he grew tired and left the Fleet again. He now lives and works out of Omega, earning credits and sending valuables back to the Fleet.

Aro'Zakkir, has, and always will be an Infiltrator. A crack shot with near any single shot weapon, he's quick thinking, intuitive, and efficient. Just don't expect for him to cover your back. He's loyalty matches his pay. While he won't betray you, he is only as loyal as the amount your paying him. They more he's getting, the less likely he is to run when he thinks he can't handle a situation. Luckily, since he's arrogant, he doesn't often run anyway.


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