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Arthur Bromley
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Lieutenant Commander Arthur Bromley was an Alliance N7 and mercenary who participated in the Skyllian Blitz, killing over thirty batarians in an effort to help liberate hostages from a restaurant that was held by an entire platoon of batarian slavers. With only eighteen men he managed to kill all fifty of the slavers, a majority of which he killed himself.

After the Blitz and numerous promotions, he left the Alliance to move to the human desert colony of Halumie. There he joined the Blue Suns' operation, mainly working as a squad leader and hitman. Using his military knowledge and skill, he quickly became the leader of the Blue Suns on Halumie. He started expanding greatly to a point where the Blue Suns ran an entire monopoly over the crime business on Halumie, and he had quickly bribed or killed all police, military, and elected officials, becoming leader of a sixty-billion-credit operation and the sixth richest man on Halumie.

His success was short-lived, however; in 2184 CE, Halumie was invaded by the mysterious Collectors. Bromely tried to escape with his personal escort, but was paralyzed by the Collectors' seeker swarms and taken aboard their vessel in a pod. He languished in stasis for a year, then died when the section of the ship he was in was damaged during the ship's retreat from the colony of Horizon in 2185 CE.

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