Bliviserene is an antidepressant developed by Hansen Pharmaceuticals. Once widely-used in the treatment of PTSD, it has fallen out of favor with the psychotherapeutic community due to an alarming number of reports of its use as a date-rape drug.


Developed shortly after the First Contact War between the Systems Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy, bliviserene was seen as a cost-effective mass treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which had become epidemic on Shanxi, the only human colony to fall under turian control. The drug functions by "dulling" the connection between the brain's prefrontal cortex and the amgydala, which would, in theory at least, cause traumatic memories to be less traumatic.

Though there were reservations from the start about the wisdom of prescribing such a new drug to a large number of patients, the sheer number of PTSD cases coming out of Shanxi caused the System Alliance Drug Administration to expedite the approval process.

Initial studies showed positive results, and many of the patients treated with the drug (in combination with psychotherapy) expressed satisfaction with the treatment.

However, by 2170 CE, when the batarian raids on the Alliance's Terminus colonies caused a new wave of PTSD cases, researchers noticed that bliviserene patients had noticeable problems with long-term memory. They also showed a flattening of emotional affect. Reports soon popped up of Bliviserene being used by slavers to create more compliant slaves; in high doses, the drug caused "blackouts" that could be extended for as long as the drug was administered. Following these revelations, the SADA began releasing guidelines advising psychotherapists to prescribe bliviserene only in cases where all other treatment failed.

In 2181 CE, then-Capt. Charlotte Beauclaire confessed to using bliviserene to control the crew of her ship, the SSV Hegra. She even claimed to have used the drug to sexually exploit her former Executive Officer, Emmanuelle Sharon. The ensuing controversey all but killed bliviserene sales.

As of 2185 CE, it is still technically legal to obtain or prescribe bliviserene, but most human-owned pharmacies refuse to sell it.

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