“I'm sick of all this save the Galaxy, hip-hip-hooray bullshit.”

Bob McGee
Bob McGee
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Earth (New York City, NY, UNAS)

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Sergeant Bob "Techno" Mcgee was an Alliance marine and bounty hunter who served the Alliance for eight years before getting work as a bounty hunter on the Citadel where he was eventually killed while pursuing a target.


He was born on Earth in New York City. As a young child he had a knack for technology and was accepted into the Massachussets Institute of Technology. He decided to pay his tuition with an Alliance scholarship.

After he received an eight-year degree, he entered Alliance service as an EVA marine serving on Sergeant Rufus Floyd's "Red Team" with Private Georgie Williams, Corporal Franklin Belock, and Specialist Jim 'Big Joe' Green. He became good friends with Belock and Williams, while experiencing tense relations with Floyd and almost no relations with Green.

His first operation was in the Skyllian Blitz boarding the batarian slaver vessel Octus Mo. He killed twelve batarians and used his technical knowledge to disable the Octus Mo's weapons and life support in some areas. However, his own success was marred by Belock's death during the operation.

He was upon request re-assigned to the SSV Yellowknife, an experimental support ship outfitted with an EMP cannon that was able to disable all power, weapons, shields, and life support on almost all vessels. With his experience, McGee served as the head technician. He served on the Yellowknife until the Battle of the Citadel, where he was deployed to assist the defense of the C-Sec Academy in Jake Branden's platoon, where he was shot twice. During the battle, while wounded, he manned a radio and overheard an order from Alliance command to abandon a civilian evacuation site in order to help reinforce a defensive choke point.

After the battle, he lost all respect for the Alliance and left to find work as a bounty hunter. He used sabotage to kill sixteen targets before he was hired by a local crime lord, Thomas Grillok, to kill the politician Jarma Hamsron. He stalked Hamsron for one hour on the streets of the Presiduim, unaware of Hamsron's bodyguard, Tyler McDougal, with whom he had served during the defense of the C-Sec Academy. McDougal, aware and worried about McGee's intentions, led Hamsron into an alleyway. McGee followed and was shot sixteen times in the chest with an Osprey Ten-Seven by McDougal, who was waiting for him. He died instantly of his wounds.

His body was found by C-Sec a day later, and upon being identified, he was shipped back to Earth, where the Alliance had him buried in his home city of New York.

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