Chisar Koali was an asari who was among the first of her species to discover the Citadel. After the salarians discovered the Citadel in 520 BCE, the two began working out diplomatic relationships. In 500 BCE, the two species created the Council. Chisar and a salarian named Norlan were elected to lead the newly formed Council. Chisar and Norlan worked together, and helped expand Citadel space, the area near the Citadel. Before Norlan's death, the two councilors appointed Keren Hull, a turian who had led the largest turian tribe during the Unification War.


Early lifeEdit

Like the asari species, much of Chisar's life was unknown, but after arriving on the Citadel, she became well-known as a mediator and later as a councilor.


Chisar was appointed as a councilor due her being the leader of the asari group that was present when the salarians arrived. As the leader, she help choose the salarian councilor, a salarian named Norlan.

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