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Dr. Chuck Alexander Bortess was a human scientist (and friend of information broker Farouk Amanesu) who worked for the Alliance, studying experimental "deep space" FTL cores that would theoretically eliminate the need for mass relays, putting humanity far ahead of any other known species.

Bortess was born on the Alliance scout ship SSV Aladamia to a security chief and cook. He grew up, however, in the care of his grandfather on Eden Prime, where he became friends with Amanesu, with the two graduating high school together.

The two parted ways when Amanesu joined the army and Bortess pursued an eight-year degree in the field of FTL engineering. He earned his degree at age 26 in 2180 CE, and was hired by the Alliance for help on their FTL research. He accepted a post on Arcturus Station and secretly fed his old friend Farouk information for five years, until his death at Farouk's funeral, where he was shot seven times by turian Shadow Broker agent Vorn Dilmaya with a heavy rifle

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