We will give these children a better life, by any means necessary.
—Clean Slate director Ellen Moyer

Clean Slate Adoptions was a private adoption agency on Illium that promised its clients all the self-satisfaction of helping a child from a troubled background without having to actually deal with that background. This was accomplished mainly through "selective memory redaction" - basically, very carefully targeted mindwipes, with the wiped memories being covered up by created memories.

Naturally, the program wasn't foolproof, but for years Clean Slate took advantage of Illium's loose regulations to avoid questions about their operations. However, in 2183 CE, the agency reluctantly sought out Alliance aid when two of their kids regressed and ran away. The SSV Belgrade answered the call and found the two runaways, but after hearing how their new family was exploiting them and how the agency had forced artificial memories on them, Commander Sharon helped them to expose the agency's practices.

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