Shoot everything that moves. Then shoot everything that doesn't move... just to be sure.
—Dane Marshal to his squad while boarding Sovereign.
Dane Marshal
Biographical information
Date of death

2183 CE

Physical description

Gunnery Chief







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Chronological and political information

Alliance Navy


Gunnery Chief Dane Marshal was an Alliance marine and EVA who served in the Alliance for 4 years. He participated in thirteen operations before his death. His first posting was under the command of Sergeant Jack Morris, working with Private First Class Jake Branden, Corporal Annabel Lee, and then-Lance Corporal Jonah Richardson. After Operation Tumbleweed, Marshal was assigned to as an EVA marine.

His squad was one of the first to participate in the Alliance's new EVA training program over Sedulra. It involved sending an entire platoon of trainees into space with orders to board the retired Alliance frigate SSV Waterloo, which was fully armed. The program greatly benefited Marshal but drew much controversy when fourteen trainees were killed and three went MIA during the course. However Marshal showed incredible prowess during the op and was promoted to Sergeant for it.

He graduated training two months later and participated in boarding actions against geth and batarian ships being promoted to the rank of Gunnery Chief until 2183 CE and Sovereign's attack on the Citadel. During the attack Marshal was aboard the cruiser SSV Zimbabwe and led a daring raid. Using the help of several Kodiak dropships, he and his entire platoon led an attack on Sovereign, boarding the vessel and attempting to destroy it from the inside with thermal charges. However, Sovereign was destroyed by the fleet before Marshal's men could evacuate, and they were all killed in the explosion. Marshal's was the only one fully recovered and two years later he and his men recieved a memorial in their honor.

In 2187 CE, it was revealed that Marshal's platoon had disabled one of Sovereign's main cannons and that the action saved the heavy cruiser, the SSV Chicago. Because of the revelation Marshal and his entire platoon were posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

Behind the scenesEdit

His first name is a reference to the popular comedian, Dane Cook.

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