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Darren Walker
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2186 CE

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Alliance Navy


Captain Darren Walker was an N7 commando and the Commanding Officer of the evacuation frigate SSV Vicksburg.

Born on a space station in orbit over Venus in 2144 CE, he was the son of an exhibitionist shooter and a gun store clerk. Walker spent most of his childhood with his mother while his father travelled to other planets for his shows. He never really knew his father, and never got the chance to know him; when he was thirteen, his father was killed during the turian invasion of Shanxi. Angry, he joined the Terra Firmy party, now a full-blown racist towards turians for killing his father. He joined the Alliance Navy two years later by lying about his age, stating he was eighteen; due to his six-foot-seven height, the recruiter believed him. He became an N7 after two years serving with distinction, and recieved numerous promotions due to his ferocity towards non-humans, leadership skills, and tactical genius.

At age twenty-one, he became the captain of the evacuation frigate, the SSV Vicksburg. He had mixed opinions about the Vicksburg, as it was normally standing by waiting for action rather than fighting. However, two years later, he finally saw action again when the Vicksburg responded to the raid on Mindoir, where from orbit Walker served as Commanding Officer of all ground forces. While he liked it, he still would have favored a position on the ground. He saw action again when the Vicksburg evacuated Fred Mallots, the Governor of Elysium, during the Skyllian Blitz.

Walker saw no action for another seven years until the Battle of the Citadel, where a team of Alliance Rangers led by Staff Sergeant Georgie Williams helped human Ambassador Donnel Udina evacuate the Citadel. After the battle, Walker recieved the Silver Star but no real recognition, mainly due to his Terra Firma ties, which could damage human relations. Walker was killed three years later when the Vicksburg fell victim to a batarian trap. A distress beacon was placed near an asteroid rigged to blow with a thirteen kiloton warhead. Walker and his entire crew were killed, with no bodies ever recovered.

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