“I'm already a pissed-off bitch with biotic powers and an assault rifle. I do not want to hear bad news.”
Darri'Ferrochina vas Octulus Monama
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Lieutenant Darri'Ferrochina vas Octulus Monama was a female quarian biotic marine who served with Captain Jerogar Derito as his second-in-command in the Rachni Wars on Omicron. She was a part of his team and one of four biotics and one of the most powerful ones. She had a romantic interest in a salarian corporal, Serocalus Damarian.

In the marines, she became known as a brave and powerful soldier who slept with a questionably obtained M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun whose kick she could somehow handle. She was also a rare biotic and thus very valuable to the Quarian Marines.

She was transferred to Derito's team during her leave on the Citadel, which was a very controversial leave that involved the death of two dezba of Chieftan Takavor Derishama's clan. She was saved from death by Captain Derito, who was looking for her. After she was helped and briefed she left for Omicron.

Her first op on Omicron was to investigate a comm facility that had gone silent. It was actually the first to be hit by the rachni on Omicron. She saved Jerogar's life, then proceeded to clear out the rest of the base while Jerogar restored the power.


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