Davik Darkling
(AKA "The Reaver")
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Davik Darkling, also known as The Reaver, was a notorious mercenary operating in the Terminus Systems. He was greatly feared by fellow mercenaries and ultimately by anyone who had the misfortune of crossing his path.


Early lifeEdit

Davik was born on a remote human colony, the son of Cristine Walters and an unknown man; Christine had run away with an asari, Ariana Arceni, shortly after becoming pregnant. Two years after he was born, Davik was kidnapped by batarian slavers led by Lavek Prasch.

Prasch somehow developed a fondness for the boy, and eventually become like a father to Davik. For twenty years, they made a successful business.

That was until they encountered Jiana Arceni. After Davik witnessed a terrible confrontation between Lavek and Jiana, Lavek was killed, leaving the boy shocked and heartbroken, and furious. He shot Jiana three times, then went close to kill her. Jiana told the truth about his parentage and gave him a kiss on the forehead, then smiled as she immediately died from Davik's shots.

After twenty minutes of suffering Davik grabbed Lavek's famous modified Claymore shotgun and Jiana's assault rifle, and from then he became the mercenary with hunger for more souls to kill.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is from a fan fiction by RevolutionMar.