Whenever anything explodes, all arrows point to me.
—Del on his specialization....which is blowing stuff up.
Del camosuit
Del'Reegar vas Stellos
Biographical information

Migrant Fleet

Date of birth

2150 CE

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Formerly the Quarian Fleet Marines


Del'Reegar vas Stellos (originally Del'Reegar nar Rallius) is a quarian tech specialist and demolitions expert, originally a member of the Migrant Fleet Marines until he was abandoned while on a mission to Illium after investigating an illegal arms deal involving geth technology. Del was captured by Eclipse mercenaries, but promptly escaped - and became a stand-alone mercenary himself.

His adventures had taken him near-everywhere, having a fondness for large explosions and fixing things. Later, Del's reputation was enough to attract the attention of his brother, Kal'Reegar. Kal encouraged him to re-enlist in the Quarian Fleet Marines, but Del refused, as he has grown attached to his wild, outrageous life.

Early LifeEdit


Act 1Edit

Life as a MarineEdit

Ilegal Arms InvestigationEdit

Act 2Edit

Life as a MercEdit



Act 3Edit

Back at IlliumEdit

The CitadelEdit

Migrant Fleet - ExileEdit

Final ConfrontionEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Del is rather infamous among his allies for a light-hearted joking attitude. Although he took his abandonment at Illium very seriously, most of the time he's quick-witted and humorous. He's gotten into a lot of unlucky situations - including a suit rupture, a blade that ended up in the leg, a painful (yet hilarious) shot to the crotch, and has even almost had his helmet cracked after the recoil on a shotgun sent it flying into his face. He has also been shown to have a encyclopedic knowledge of explosives and displays impressive mathematical talent.


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