My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well.
—Demolyn talking to his student[1]

Demolyn Protectorate Syrico or Saviour to some, was a kind and loyal turian who was a Spectre. He had pampered beginnings and Demolyn was reported to be the Head of C-Sec at some point in his life. It was thought that his brother (unknown at the time) would come to surpass him but due to events, he would betray the organization. Demolyn was regarded as a skilled and kindhearted individual to many and was the mentor of several Spectres that would later rise to prominence during the <pending>. While not on duty, Demolyn is often out doing community service, serving his people in other ways. Demolyn had a brother named Vevictus whom he met several years prior to him going rogue.


Early HistoryEdit

I have power. But I choose not to use it.

Induction into the SpectresEdit

A Rogue BrotherEdit

Clash of BrothersEdit

Fall of a ProtectorEdit


I live to serve my people. Anyone who endangers them are considered my enemies.


What can I say? I'm a talented individual.
—Demolyn commenting on his skills[2]


Demolyn Syrico's name is a derivation or corruption of the Latin words, "Demos" and "Syrs or Syn". "Demos" which was corrupted into the Demolyn is the Latin word for the people which Demolyn deeply cares about. The latter, "Syrs or Syn" was corrupted into his last name of Syrico, which is Latin for "with and together"; Demolyn likes to be with his comrades. His name has a whole meaning on its on which is With and together with citizens. He has a view that in order to have peace and unity, a friendship with the citizens is required which he tries to fulfill. Demolyn Syrico's abilities and personality will be somewhat based on Darth Revan. Demolyn's birthday is the Users birthday also.


  1. This quote was spoken by the famous Sith Lord, Darth Revan.
  2. A quote that Revan had spoken about his skills

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