“Those bastards! They killed my wife, and they killed my family. I'll kill them. Every last one!”

Derek Caranok
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2185 CE

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Shadow Broker


Derek Caranok was a Shadow Broker enforcer who took part in the Green Day Massacre.


He was born on Mindoir and grew up there. At the age of 22, he had a wife, a two-year-old daughter, and a son who was yet to be born. He was away on a business trip to the Citadel when the colony was raided by batarians. He arrived back two hours into the battle unaware of what was happening. When he arrived he was ambushed by two batarians, whom he killed with a concealed M-3 Predator. Worried, he rushed to his house to find his daughter dead and his wife gone. Upon seeing a blood trail leading from his house, he realized she had been abducted. Using an old hunting rifle, he fought his way through the colony, arriving at a dock as a group of batarians were escaping in a shuttle. He fired but could not kill them. He also found his dead wife on the dock. She had been stabbed multiple times and had been stripped of clothing, a clear sign she had been raped before murdered.

Enraged, Caranok swore revenge on batarians. He went to Omega and hunted batarians, murdering 157 in fifteen years. All were killed slowly. Sometimes he killed entire families at once, and sometimes he picked off the members one by one. All were executed by torture such as burning, drowning, and stabbing. Caranok once killed a batarian child by ripping out his eyes, cutting off his legs, two fingers, and then hanging him. These acts struck fear into the batarian population.

He stopped his spree in 2184 CE when he was hired by the Shadow Broker to help kill the associates of a rival information broker, Farouk Amanesu, at his funeral. He was one of the five gunmen in what would be known as the Green Day Massacre. He was planted as a priest delivering a religious speech about what would become of Amanesu in the afterlife, mainly to help Amanesu's family. However, he was actually armed with a Locust SMG and killed eight people in the act, including Amanesu's father and second-in-command. After the massacre he continued to do work for the Shadow Broker, mostly as an enforcer and planted Blue Suns operative. He was killed in a fake weapons deal that was also a trap for Eclipse mercenaries set by Blue Suns commander, Jacob Dulios.

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