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Derimakshan, colloquially referred to as Derimakshan the Zealot and Glorious Leader, was a male manaba. He served as the Emperor of the manaba during the Rachni Wars, and was an ally and friend of the batarian ambassador, Ka'so Hensa. Widely considered a zealot like the majority of his people, Derimakshan led his people, the manaba, in their fight against the rachni on Ragnora in an attempt to reclaim the manaban holy places on the world, including the most holy manaban religious site, the Tomb of the Virtuous. Derimakshan, and Ka'so Hensa, signed a treaty between their races that resulted in an alliance that would persist until the destruction of the manaba.

Discovering through Ka'so Hensa that the Citadel Council had dispatched soldiers to destroy the manaban holy sites and the Tomb of the Virtous, Derimakshan attempted to save the holy places by dispatching armies to guard them, but he was too late. As soon as he gave the order to his generals, he received the news that the Tomb of the Virtous had been destroyed by salarian and asari soldiers. Enraged, Derimakshan attempted to have the Salarian Councilor who had given the order to destroy the manaban holy places, Tyrin Lieph, assassinated, but to no avail as Lieph escaped to a secret research laboratory on the Terminus System space station known as Omega.

Attempting to discover the whereabout of Tyrin Lieph, Derimakshan secretly placed soldiers to follow the Salarian Special Tasks Group operative known as Narra Locith, and captured, interrogated, and tortured Lieph's friend and head of security, Iletos Nariva. However, this would prove to be Derimakshan's undoing, and after murdering Nariva, and raping his daughter, Derimakshan returned to the cell to oversee the removal of Nariva's body from his palace. Unbeknowest to him, Lieph had secretly planted a device on Nariva's body, and when Derimakshan, along with his ally Ka'so Hensa, entered the cell, Lieph activated the device, which sent several million bolts of electricity into Derimakshan and Hensa, frying their nerves and instantly killing them both. However, Derimakshan would receive his revenge from the grave. His agents, under the command of Nshan, followed Locith to Lieph's laboratory, and after removing Locith, captured Lieph, and executed him on the Citadel Extranet. This was not really Lieph, however, but an impostor. Lieph killed the manabans, officially announced his resignation from the Council, and returned to a life in hiding.


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