Dylan Low portrait
Dylan Low
Biographical information


Date of birth

2153 CE

Date of death

2183 CE

Physical description

Staff Sergeant







Hair color


Eye color


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Chronological and political information

Staff Sergeant Dylan 'Zero' Low was an Alliance Marine and Cerberus Commando who fought in the Alliance for two years before being hired by Cerberus as a commando. He served with Cerberus for twelve years until the Battle of the Citadel in 2183 CE, where he was killed while defending C-Sec Academy.


Dylan Low was born on Mars in 2153 CE, the son of a traveling con man and an Alliance Commander. He grew up poor, with his mother deployed to Earth and his father's schemes often failing. He was never good in school but was regarded as an excellent shot. At age fifteen he joined a street gang and killed a bartender named Allen Duck, who owed protection money to the gang.

Two years later, he dropped out of high school to join the Alliance Military, mainly to avoid the police, who were still investigating Duck's death. He fought in the Alliance for seven years until the liberation of Mindoir, when he became displeased with the Alliance's 'failure' to help the colonists faster, and what he believed was the Alliance intentionally leaving them to die. Enraged over this, he left the Alliance and spent a year working for the Omega warlord, Aria T'Loak.

In 2179 CE, he was approached by the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony, which had noticed his sentiments regarding the raids on Mindoir. He was welcomed into the organization, and in 2180 CE, he was sent to try and retrieve a VI from the wreckage of the SSV Tehran, which had crashed on Sadafeel seven years earlier. The mission was a failure, however, and the OATH ended up destroying the Tehran to prevent the wreckage from being taken by another faction. Low complained about the outcome of the mission, and the OATH decided to dismiss him. He spoke out publically about the waste of Alliance resources, but his comments were dismissed as the words of a disgruntled employee.

Having burned his bridges with the Alliance, and unable to return to Aria, Low wandered for several months. Eventually, his mother, who had joined Cerberus, offered him a position as a commando. He served Cerberus up until the Battle of the Citadel, where he was assigned to Jake Branden's platoon in defense of the C-Sec Academy. He was assigned to guard the academy against the waves of geth that were charging through the elevator in the tracking room. After managing to eliminate seven geth, he was thrown against the wall by a Geth Prime. Low tried to fight back with a standard issue bayonet but failed. His body was recovered and buried in a military funeral on Mars one week later. His family was not in attendance.

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