Ermerk are an extinct or soon to be extinct species. They are bipedal beasts, and extremely advanced for such a genocidal species. Most Ermerk stand over four to five meters tall, and have thick, armored plating across their back. The largest of the species, originally found on the West Island of their home world, have barbed tales, many more prongs and horns, and are the rarest of the Ermerk. The Ermerk home world, Reapieo, was destroyed in a massive civil war in 4 AD.


Racist and shockingly primative. They fight and kill each for anything they want. It's just like us, just very blunt.
—Uumakan soldier, Ugar, comparing them to the galaxy.


We will destroy them. We will murder them. Then we will take their pets away, then we finally wipe them off Reapio.
—Ason, First Eremerk King


  • The ermerk were originally going to be the creators of the reaper race, and there true identity known as Virabhadrs, and created by a scientist known as Radra. This was based off of Hindu legends, where a jealous and enraged Radra created a super being to wreak havoc on all who opposed him.
  • The ermerk are based off a drawing of a dragon by the author; A large dragon sitting on a rock melting in lava as the beast swirls his barbed tale and looks out across the sky. The drawing has yet to be finished, as HZ is working on drawings of the ermerk themselves, from single drawings, to the civil war, and even a size comparison.The original drawing resembles the Western Ermerk the most.

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