Colonel Estesha Anya Worril, commonly referred to as Anya, was an Alliance Army Trooper before becoming a mercenary after being dishonorably discharged for shooting down civilians. She later served in the Red Legion under her husband, the commander and leader of the mercenary band.


Personality and TraitsEdit

I don't see the problem with killing. I just hate it when the victims are killed when it's not there choice to be a fighter.
—Anya on her thoughts on terrorism

Anya was a cold and ruthless colonel, she was willing to do anything to get the job done with as little casualties as possible, unlike her husband, or his brother, who threw their lives away. This didn't mean she wouldn't leave someone behind to get to her goal, but her company had little casualties, and never failed a check-up from the local Brigadier General, Al quaram Agairita.

Anya was very likable, but her reputation as a goal-orientated juggernaut kept her from being part of political events, as aliens feared she'd look into purely human manners. Mrs. Worril would leader serve as the Red Legions-second in command, and the ambassador of the "country".

Anya kept in a lot of guilt after killing civilians on a colony world, but she holds it in, for fear of being seen as weak.

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