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“Charge 700 a night, keep a pistol, and never work for an elcor.”

Falia Emerds was an asari prostitute and OATH operative on the space station Omega. She worked as a prostitute for 89 years before being hired by the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony as an informant due to her clients, who were often drunk high-level warlords who would say anything she needed them to say.

In 2142 CE, she aided OATH operative Jonah Richardson in the assassination of Krimus Garfron, acting as a plant and recommended to Krimus Garfron by the Drunken Gun's owner, Gri Derock. She waited until Garfron was drunk and he decided to hire her. After Garfron hired her, she led him out the main door as opposed to his private entrance. However he was drunk and eager to get to his mansion to enjoy her and agreed to go out the main door where Captain Richardson was waiting to shoot Garfron. Less than ten seconds after leaving the Drunken Gun, Garfron was gunned down and Emerds was unharmed and compensated greatly for her role.

After Garfron's death Emerds continued to work as an informant until OATH was disbanded in 2184 CE. She was found on OATH's list of informants and arrested by the Alliance for aiding OATH. In exchange for immunity from prosecution, she agreed to testify against OATH, and her testimony helped the Alliance form a better case against OATH. She was then betrayed by the Alliance and sentenced to life in prison against the terms of their agreement. She died two centuries later in prison of a heart attack.

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