“Nothing is ever forgotten. Just stored away in a locked metaphorical box. And my job is to open that box for the highest bidder.”
Farouk Amenesu
Biographical information

Eden Prime

Date of birth

2154 CE

Date of death

2184 CE

Physical description








Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Sergeant Farouk Amanesu was an information broker and former soldier who operated out of Illium.


Born in 2154 CE on Eden Prime, Farouk grew up intelligent, having a knack for information. In elementary school, he sold his friends secrets for candy, and in high school for money. However, his family claimed to be surprised when he became a soldier. Signing on in 2175 CE, he became a rank-and-file infantry soldier. With his intelligence and cunning, he rose to sergeant in only eighteen months. However, his military career was cut short in the Skyllian Blitz, where he lost his legs to a batarian tripmine. Despite even being crippled on the ground he managed to fight off a few dozen batarian soldiers with his Avenger. He received the Bronze Star for sacrifice and the purple heart.

He was discharged due to injuries and went to Illium where he became an information broker, using his cunning to quickly find everything he needed to become rich, powerful, and respected. This also warranted a bounty on his head, placed by the Shadow Broker, who hired a krogan mercenary working for the Blood Pack to kill Amanesu. Amanesu barely escaped and managed to kill the mercenary, but enlisted a batarian bodyguard named Frol Dervan as protection. He went underground, still practicing his trade until 2184 CE, when he was contacted by N7 Commando Maria de Wilden, who hired him to find her a ride back to Alliance space. He did, but was tricked into revealing himself and sending Maria into a trap. Fearful for his life, Amanesu tried to flee to Bekenstein but was killed by Dervan, who had been paid fifteen thousand credits to kill him.

Amanesu was buried on Eden Prime two days later. Multiple agents of the Shadow Broker infiltrated the funeral and murdered everyone who had connections to Amanesu to ensure that his branch of the information business was dead. This became known as the Green Day Massacre.

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