The Five Wills were an important part of the Manaban religion. It was believed by the Manaba that after the failed uprising that Derocrik following the advice of his daughter, the goddess Aterdill offered the Manaba a chance for redemption. This redemption could only be earned by the fufillance of the five wills throughout one's life. They were.

  1. Fight for your Gods. Yee who betrayed thee father in war should take arms for he.
  2. Thou shall not kill thee fellow Manabans. Yee who are bound together to stave the Void shall work as brothers to escape damnation.
  3. Thou shall not engage in dishonest activities of theft, adultery, fraud, and bribery. For they only promise damnation to the void.
  4. There is no god above thee father and none you shall worship above. Such is the blasphemy that damned the manaban to redemption.
  5. Remember thee's place none can be more powerful than their father thoughts of such is blasphemy.

By following these wills the Manabans believed that they could earn redemption in Solitude. Where failure to fufill resulted in damnation to the suffering and eternal silence of the Void.


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