Franklin Belock cropped
Franklin Belock
Biographical information


Date of birth

2162 CE

Date of death

2181 CE

Physical description






Chronological and political information

Alliance Navy


Corporal Franklin Belock was an Alliance marine who served as the second-in-command and explosives expert of the "Red Team", a group of marines serving on the heavy cruiser, the SSV Tortuga.


Born on Mars, Franklin Belock enlisted at age 17, seeking a better life. He worked for two years on the Tortuga being deployed in Staff Commander Rufus Floyd's team. He served aboard eight vessels and received two purple hearts before the Skyllian Blitz, where the Tortuga was deployed to help defend the colony. Belock joined Red Team in boarding the batarian slaver vessel, the Octus Mo. He was the first aboard the ship with his Osprey Ten-Seven rifle. He helped Red Team secure the entire ship, killing twelve batarians before his desire for comfort killed him. Standard regulation was for all boarders to wear a breathing helmet throughout an entire boarding operation. Belock thought it was uncomfortable and removed it against regulations. When the team secured the bridge of the Octus Mo, the ship's wounded batarian captain fired his pistol at the glass, sucking out all of the air on the bridge. The rest of the team, who had breather helmets suffered no problem, but Belock died of oxygen deprivation. His body was brought back to Mars, where he was buried near his family's home. He was only nineteen.

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