Frol Dervan
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Commander Frol Dervan was a batarian commander, slaver, and bodyguard to Farouk Amanesu who fought in the batarian army for two years before joining a slaver band in 2175 CE. He worked there for three years until the battle of Torfan, where he was among the batarian soldiers who were attacked by an overwhelming Alliance force. Using nerve toxin, Dervan faked his vital signs to appear dead.

After Torfan he got work as Farouk Amanesu's bodyguard, protecting him from the Shadow Broker for seven years before agreeing to kill him for fifteen thousand credits. Dervan did so but was gunned down by an asari Shadow Broker agent who was supposed to give him the money. Dervan's death was considered an act of gang violence and open racism towards batarians.

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