The gar'hazal are a species of sentient humanoids with vaguely batlike features who inhabit the world of Archaeo. They are incredibly friendly towards outsiders, but it has been said that they all act as if they are inhabiting roles in a play; their movements and speech all have the appearance of having been rehearsed and performed thousands of times before. Xeno-anthropologists have attributed this to their unusual religion, in which they seek to become one with their ancestors by imitating them, making the same choices that their forefathers made thousands of years earlier.


Due to their extremely low birthrate, the gar'hazal are obsessive about preserving their history. The Tur'hazal - a sort of combination of historical record and holy book written over five millenia ago - is so extensive that in the century since their first contact with the Citadel races, Citadel scribes have barely managed to translate and transcribe even a twentieth of it.

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