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5 Years after Battle of Earth

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Gardon Dalak was a batarian slaver, senator, soldier and terrorist leader.

Early Life as A SoldierEdit

We will fight and change this world. The batarians will be a council race!
—Gardon in a speech to his fellow soldiers.

When Gardon Dalak was 18, he became a slaver. Many viewed him as a thuggish and greedy person, but he and his group believed that they were freedom fighters. He rose quickly through the ranks, and became very ruthless, only caring if the job was finished. His most famous battles include the raid on Mindoir, and taking part in the Skyllian Blitz. In his entire career he only failed twice; once during the Skyllian Blitz at the hands of a commander by the name of Shepard.


Dalak (left) during the raid on Mindoir

Dalak's Last BattleEdit

During another battle, Dalak had the upper hand against the Alliance soldiers, however the enemy made an unsuspected move. The commander attacked while they were outnumbered by the batarians. 3/4th's of the Commander's legion were killed but he still beat Dalak. The enemy killed every last batarian except Dalak, who escaped with his life. He then vanished and joined the Council as a senator.

Surely he will lose his rank has commander
—Dalak when speaking to the council about his enemy.

Life As a SenatorEdit

When Dalak became a senator most thought he actually wanted to help the Council. However he also supplied terrorists and planned their operations such as Bring Down the Sky. He often debated and voted with the council to cover his tracks. He also fought terrorists or so the public believed he was really killing humans. Gardon worked closely with Balak and they where good friends. But when Balak operated Bring Down the Sky he suspected Balak would fail but he thought the Council would not allow the humans to join the Council but he was wrong.

Shepard's ReconstructionEdit

During Commander Shepard was claimed dead, Gardon Dalak expanded his operations to Omega. However, very few operations went on during Shepard's reconstruction. Dalak did donate some money to the Council to rebuild from the Reaper encounter. This gave him more respect and trust in the Council.

Shepard's ReturnEdit

When Shepard came back from the dead, Gardon's operations went South. Four operations took place while Shepard tried to stop the Collectors. These missions included Dalak trying to stop Archangel, gathering Prothean technology, firing a bomb on a human colony, and killing humans in the quarantine on Omega. Shepard saved Archangel and also stopped Gardon Dalak from taking over Omega when they killed the asari leader there. The Prothean technology was also recovered by Shepard before Dalak could make a profit. The killing of humans on Omega was a success as Shepard couldn't save them all. The colony bombing was also partly success as the starport and factories where destroyed but thousands of lives where saved.


Five years after the events of the battle of Earth a sniper bullet hit Gardon Dalak in the back of the head while he was in a meeting. There are only three suspects: Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, and/or former Cerberus operative Miranda Lawson.

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