Gonamida Durrlex, colloquially referred to as simply Durrlex, was a male krogan warrior and commando in the time shortly before and during the Krogan Rebellions, the krogan war of conquest against the Citadel Council. A veteran soldier, he fought in numerous conflicts including the Rachni Wars, the Krogan Rebellions, and in the civil wars between the krogan following their defeat by the Citadel Council. He was member of Clan Gonamida, one of the more prestigious krogan clans that participated in several battles during the Rachni Wars and Krogan Rebellions, which was under the command of Clan Leader Gonamida Certax. He participated in numerous battles throughout the Krogan Rebellions, most notably the Massacre at Ekuna.


Early LifeEdit

Rachni WarsEdit

Krogan RebellionsEdit

Massacre at EkunaEdit

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