WARNING: This document, Gorgon Novak, is property of the Citadel Council and Systems Alliance, and is Classified under Alliance security code Omega Seven (O7), protected under the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony. Disclosure of its contents to, or access by, personnel with a clearance level lower than Gamma Five (G5) is an offense punishable by court(s) martial and imprisonment or execution for treasonous acts. Failure to disclose confirmed or suspected breaches of security will be treated as complicity, and is punishable by dishonorable discharge and/or imprisonment.

Gorgon Novak
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Pax Preia

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Gorgon Novak was a turian trooper born on Pax Preia, a small turian asteroid colony. Gorgon was a respected turian recon trooper, and was looked up to by many other soldiers. His parents moved to the Citadel, and many years later he found himself working for asari Spectre Euri T'Rishka.

Early ChildhoodEdit

Gorgon was born into a miner's life on Pax Preia. His father, Sarano Novak, was the owner of the well-known mining equipment company, Novak-Otarian Magnetic Accelerator Drills Inc. From an early age Gorgon was taught to be strong and work hard. These skills would be very useful later on during his life as a soldier. His parents moved to the Citadel after Gorgon's father got a great deal for a mining equipment shipment. In school he was seen a tough but simple kid. No one screws with him, no one gets hurt. He eventually joined the turian military and qualified for an Advanced Recon Unit.

Military ServiceEdit

During Gorgon's early years, he was taken to Palaven and trained in the 23rd Anti-Ordinance Division, as a scout for the team, finding the explosives and marking them. He stayed with the unit for about thirteen years, eventually becoming a bomb-tech. He was an expert technician, disarming over 873 bombs during his time in the 23rd. He was eventually recognized for his time as a scout along with his time as a bomb-technician, and was recommended for the Turian Advanced Recon Unit.

Gorgon served in the TARU for twenty years, becoming an expert fighter in close quarters (being that he was the top soldier at sparring aboard his vessel) and medium range warfare, being that he was a rifleman in his squad. He traveled to many major systems, and even the tiniest of systems that no one but the military knew about, fighting pirates, slavers, geth, and many other enemies.

In 2180 CE, while on a patrol in the Attican Traverse, the ship Gorgon was stationed out of was attacked and boarded by geth, the synthetics killing most of the crew and downloading classified information from the special forces vessel.

Gorgon hid in a locked room with two squadmates and intercepted the geth by catching them off guard while they were passing by. He saved a few members of the crew and the information. After the mission he was given a leave by the turian military, where he was recognized by Euri T'Rishka.

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