Gurnat Hrius was a male Drell born 2167 CE.


Early lifeEdit

Born the only child of a wealthy and influential couple, Gurnat had little need for anything. Food, clothes and all necessities were always in abundant supply and luxury items were hardly in short supply either. In addition to this he was also granted a high grade, private education.

As a result of his disinterest with his studies, Gurnat frequently sneaked away form his parents home in search for other children, this most frequently resulted in him spending time with the children of much poorer families who had little else to do but wander about the towns causing mischief and pretending to be characters from stories. At the age of 12 his father hired someone to train Gurnat in combat techniques.

Over the next few years, Gurnat began training in various combat techniques, learning to use firearms, advanced CQB techniques and his previously unknown biotic talents. While he displayed an average skill with most firearms, Gurnat displayed an exceptional ability when it came to learning to fight hand to hand as well as mastering his biotic abilities at an unprecedented rate for his age.

Despite the obvious benefit of training and how it was more interesting than his previous studies, Gurnat began to believe himself ready to go out into the universe. As a result of this restlessness, he spent a lot of his free time in bars, mostly of bad repute, and getting in brawls as a result. As a result of these antics, his father took action and had him shipped off the planet to citadel space before he could bring disrepute to the families name.

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