Halumie was of strategic value and importance to the Alliance from a security standpoint and as we now know is valuable beyond belief. Yes Admirals I am aware of what could have come, and the blood of the soldiers who died there is on my hands. You can call me a murderer or a war criminal, but it changes nothing. My taking of Halumie was right, I know that and we all know that. And if I must suffer for it then so be it.
—Admiral Dogan in a hearing after being court martialed for taking Halumie without orders to do so.

Dagon's Canyon. A source of element zero and prothean ruins.

Halumie was an desert Alliance colony in the Terminus Systems. Originally a batarian colony, the planet was ransacked by the Alliance in 2171 CE in response to the batarian attack of Mindoir. Captured by a force of three thousand Rangers led by Rear Admiral Timothy Dagon, the colony was captured in two days with seven thousand causlities of both batarian military and civilians, an act that enraged the Hegemony and was one of the rallying calls for the Skyllian Blitz. Halumie was established as a desert colony mainly of strategic value to the Alliance as it was close to batarian-controlled space and was a key starting point for an invasion. This led to reinforcing the colony and its moons. However, the colony went through a large economic boom when a wealth of Element Zero was discovered along with buried Prothean ruins in Dagon Canyon, named for the admiral who captured the planet. Halumie became one of the wealthiest colonies in Alliance-controlled space, attracting scientists, miners and other labor; many businesses intent on cashing in on Dagon Canyon; and investors convinced they would make their fortune off the element zero quantities, which were massive. The colony continued to make a massive income attracting the Blue Suns mercenary group, which was led by former lieutenant commander, Arthur Bromley. The colony continued its booming economy until 2184 CE, when the Collectors, a mysterious race intent on abducting humans, ransacked the colony taking its three million human population. The colony was officially an attack by batarian special forces, who blacked out communications and destroyed the major cities forcing the survivors into certain death by hiding in the desert. Despite efforts by the Alliance, Halumie was never rebuilt, and sold to the hanar government two years later in 2186 CE for one hundred and ninety eight billion credits.

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