Houston was a large sprawling metropolis in the the state of Texas in the United North American States. Houston was once a prosperous city due mainly to the medical and petrolium industries, as wall as the defunct National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from the 20th through the first third of the 21st centuries. By the late 21st century however the city saw a reversal of fortune.

Due to the passing of peak oil production, the global oil reserves were severely depleted. As a result many companies in the petroleum and related industries, which played a crucial part in Houston's economy had shuttered. This along with more advanced medical facilities elsewhere, led to a severe depression in the city, from which it never fully recovered. Many areas in the Eastern suburbs have been flooded by the rising sea level. This lead to Galveston bay to be given the nickname the sluge sea, due the large amount of refineries and foundries in the near by suburbs of Channelview, Texas City, and Baytown.

By 2183 CE Houston was, with only a few exceptions, a blighted city with an unfavourable reputation for its extremely high crime rates, political corruption, severe pollution, and unpredictable weather. Organized gangs such as the Reds controlled the large ghettos scattered throughout the giant metropolis.

In 2186 CE the city was all but annihilated during the Reaper attack. Over 90% of its population were either killed or abducted during the invasion. It has since remained in ruins.

Notable HoustoniansEdit


  • Some aliens who have visited Houston equated it to Earth's Omega.

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