Ig'ala Hensa was a batarian general who lived during the time of the Krogan Rebellions. Hensa was an aide-de-camp to Tydinus Halcyon, the first turian Supreme Commander of the Citadel Navy, and he was highly influential in areas throughout batarian society and in the batarian government, the Batarian Hegemony. Hensa spearheaded the promotion of releasing the Genophage on the krogan in order to stop their relentless advance into Citadel Space. By helping Halcyon to re-establish the Citadel Navy after its initial defeats at the hand of the Krogan Union, Hensa turned the tide against the krogan armies, and their Overlord, Kurvok.

In the border regions of Citadel Space, Hensa engaged the forces of the Krogan Union in a series of battles, including a massacre of a dezban army. He engineered a number of minor engagements at the edge of the Terminus Systems to determine the strength of the Krogan Union, before launching a full scale invasion of Krogan Space.

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